Odd Soda Tab

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Odd Soda Tab


Post by DaddyDewrop »

Does anybody know anything about the stay-tab on the can pictured?

I grew up in Minnesota and seem to recall such a tab when I was a kid (1970s), but the memory is pretty fuzzy. I seem to recall you pushed it down and then slid it back. I can't seem to find any info on the internet. I don't believe it was around for very long.
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Re: Odd Soda Tab


Post by jim.peterson »

I remember those! I called them T-tops at the time, and lift and slide back is the way you opened them, trying not to cut your fingers in the process. I don't remember them being on any beer cans, only soft drinks and I seem to remember them hanging on for awhile on juice cans for whatever reason. They came out about the same time as the other stay openers were coming out. That was my preferred opener, but I'm sure it wasn't the cheapest.

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Re: Odd Soda Tab


Post by henry porter »

I remember drinking Country Time Lemonade from cans with that top. The time frame of late 70s is right

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Re: Odd Soda Tab


Post by hover31 »

I have a Meister Brau that was filled but I got it from an employee of Miller so not sure if it was released.
These were in a collection I found recently- Ziphippie

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