The Rusty Bunch

Rusty Bunch Hall of Fame

The Rusty Bunch Hall of Fame honors those unique members that have contributed to the growth of the chapter.

At Blue/Gray in February of 2010, Dan Scoglietti introduced the idea of the Rusty Bunch Hall of Fame and it was was quickly voted on and passed. Dave Van Hine was posthumously voted in as the inaugural inductee.

Later in 2010, the first online nominations and voting began, inducting three members at Blue/Gray in 2011.

Hall of Fame Inductees

Dave VanHine
[RB #50] Posthumously Inducted February 12, 2010
Dave Lang
[RB #180] Inducted February 18th, 2011
Warren Hardaker
[RB #1] Inducted February 18th, 2011
Dan Bora
[RB #258] Inducted February 18th, 2011
John Kottemann
[RB #4] Inducted February 17th, 2012
Dick Adamowicz
[RB #5] Inducted February 17th, 2012
Dave Launt
[RB# 8] Inducted February 15th, 2013
Jim Dixon
[RB# 58] Posthumously Inducted February 15th, 2013
Jim Romine
[RB# 185] Inducted February 13th, 2014
Pete Johnson
[RB# 3] Inducted February 13th, 2014
Fred Wolpe
[RB# 11] Inducted February 13th, 2014
Hal Noehren
[RB #103] Inducted August 29th, 2014
John McGuire
[RB #129] Inducted August 29th, 2014
Phil Stayman
[RB #18] Inducted August 29th, 2014
Chris Taylor
[RB #417] Inducted April 9th, 2015
Nan Wick
[RB #15] Inducted April 9th, 2015
Roy Nelson
[RB #123] Inducted April 8th, 2016
Lonnie Lawing
[RB #2] Inducted April 8th, 2016
Dan Scoglietti
[RB #122] Inducted April 8th, 2016
Gary Allison
[RB #552] Inducted April 8th, 2016
Ed Scoglietti
[RB #101] Inducted April 7th, 2017
Dale Bramlette
[RB #115] Inducted April 7th, 2017
Charlie Bacon
[RB #43] Inducted April 6th, 2018
Herman Oswald
[RB #90] Inducted April 6th, 2018
Bob Lavelle
[RB#121] Inducted April 5th, 2019
Don Lewinski
[RB#169] Inducted April 5th, 2019
Harry Keithline
[RB #23] Posthumously Inducted April 5th, 2019
Mike Murphy
[RB# 146] Posthumously Inducted April 5th, 2019
Rich Richard
[RB# 106] Posthumously Inducted April 5th, 2019
Dwight Barbacci
[RB#397] Inducted April 29th, 2020
Andy Galamba
[RB#420] Inducted April 29th, 2020
Andy Caldwell
[RB#381] Inducted April 29th, 2020
Tom Chegash
[RB#222] Inducted April 16th, 2021

Tom has been a Rusty Bunch Chapter Member since 1989, was the editor in 1991, held the Presidency in 2002-2003, found the Famous Loewer's Qt Cone Dump and is the leader of the Rusty Bunch Boys Bottom Blues Band and hauls all the equipment to Spring/Thaw and CANvention.

Neil Kanetzke
[RB# 106] Posthumously Inducted April 16th, 2021

Bio coming soon