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Website Notification Settings


Post by MI-Cans »

One of the great things about this website, whether you’re an RB’er or just a registered visitor, is the ability to communicate discretely and directly with anyone on the site. Obviously, when you post something, it’s there for everyone to either read or contribute what they know. I use the PM (Private Message) function whenever I need to communicate with just a single person.

I’ve noticed that sometimes, PM’s will sit there for days , even weeks without being looked at. I can totally understand that, if that is your choice. I’d like to take a moment here to point out that there are settings in the User Control Panel that allow you to be notified of several things either when you sign in to the website or through your registered email address.

1. To access these settings, go to the Control Panel. This is done by clicking on “Private Messages” at the upper right of the screen.
2. The Control Panel page is shown with 6 horizontal tabs. Select the “Board Preferences” tab
3. Then select the “Edit Notification Options” category. The page displays 9 options to choose from.
4. There are two column to mark your selections. The left one is for being notified online when you log in and the right one is for having notifications sent to you via your email address.
5. Make your choices and then select “Submit”

If you find this useful, make use of these features. If you don’t…thanks for looking!


Click to enlarge.

Notifications 01.png

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Re: Website Notification Settings


Post by idigrust »

Moved to "Forum Help". Nice work !
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