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Shameless Bump For Breweriana Forum


Post by MI-Cans » Sat Sep 07, 2019 5:40 pm

Just revisited the post begun by Plusonegolfer. Here’s the link. viewtopic.php?f=1&t=46820
It was great looking at all the posts showing the varied and unique collections. Just about everybody had cans. What caught my attention this time was the non can items. I jotted some of them down. There were
• Bottles
• Wooden Cases
• Trays
• Mini Bottles
• Lighters
• Cardboard Cases
• Metal Signs
• Lithographs
• Scrapers
• Paper Documents
• Calendars
• Assorted Glassware
• Can'ts
• Neon Signs

While it was great having that post in GENERAL DISCUSSION with all those images, slowly that post will be many pages behind the current postings. Here’s my point. The BREWERIANA forum is here to stay. There are 27 different categories. There are currently 10 categories with no posts. I hope that they can get some input.

I ask those of you with any of the above items to find that category and post your images there. If you don’t have time to take images of the individual items, use whatever images you got. Make sure they’re mostly topic appropriate. Once loaded with images, the discussions will begin. They always do.

The BREWERIANA Forum, once loaded with images and discussions, will prove to be a valuable resource either as a database or reference for these unique items. For one thing, it will show the openness and versatility of this Chapter and its website. Everyone knows when it comes to dumping, the Rusty Bunch wrote the book so to speak. This Forum can show the Hobby that you are always focused on your primary mission but are also open to and can embrace many other aspects of the hobby.

And if nothing else, you’ll let that Web-Guy know that you appreciate the effort and work he put into creating that Forum for you and all visitors to the site making it the best in the Hobby. (My Personal & Biased Opinion!)


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Re: Shameless Bump For Breweriana Forum


Post by Longopener » Sun Sep 08, 2019 1:08 am

Excellent Ed Ski!!! I think moving the breweriana posts from general to the individual Breweriana forums with redirects would really hop up that area. I agree that trying to find posts on here is difficult, especially with names as “look what I found “. More appropriately named topics and categorization will prove invaluable a year from now when you are trying to revisit a post.
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