Soup Can Lids AND a crimped Schlitz like 120/31

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Soup Can Lids AND a crimped Schlitz like 120/31


Post by bigcitydave » Sat Jul 06, 2019 12:50 pm

I received this email from Jim Wolf who is currently working on the Tab Supplement Any help here will benefit our collecting brothers and sisters. I don't have any pictures. Sorry:

Hi Dave,

I am working on processing some tab top images from a collection in Ohio, and ran into a few cans that I'm not sure of what they are.
Possibilities are production cans, test cans, or can company production errors.
A few are Wisconsin cans, so I figured I'd start with you, as you've provided cans and answered questions in the past.

First, a Schlitz can, a crimped version of the (c)1966 can like test can 241/16 and regular can 120/31.
Production or test? It looks to me like the "test" and regular versions are the front and back of the same can. So, what do we have here?Second, we have ORANGE versions of the Bub's, Breunig's and Old Timer's red "soup cans".
These are rolled. My question would be test or can company color error, as these clearly are not "real".
Any ideas. Anyway, if you know, or can pass this on to a fellow Wisconsin collector who can help me out, it will be appreciated.


Jim Wolf #16033


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