Toronto Blue Jays 1992 Commemorative Cans

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Toronto Blue Jays 1992 Commemorative Cans


Post by idigrust »

Received this today.

I looking for help in putting a value to a case of un-opened coke cans
24pk. It is the Toronto Blue Jays 1992 Commemorative Cans. Case is complete
with original Commemorative shrink wrap. As a Jays fan I bought it on a
whim and held on to it. If you could help me or put me in contact with some
one who could it would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.


Dan Bora - RB Webmaster

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Re: Toronto Blue Jays 1992 Commemorative Cans


Post by Canadacan »

The cans are super common, so the collector would have to be a die hard fan of both. A dollar a can would be a stretch sorry to say, there is no sold history on ebay and any current can listed is at around 5-6 bucks.
It may have a little more value than what it originally cost to buy, but honestly I can't see it being worth more than 15-20 bucks.
Hope this helps.
Ivan... RB #1078 Collector of soda cans & bottles from Canada. Looking for Canadian soada cans 12oz & 10oz From the 1950s right into the 80s.
Also Canadian Beers ,USA Orange Crush bottles And American Drewrys beer cans.

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