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Post by Canadacan » Tue May 16, 2017 1:11 am

It's always a fun thing when you land an earlier brand variation so you can see the generations. This Alpine Club RB is noted in the guide but as a flat top only, now we know they came in pull tops too.

Something most other collectors are not aware of is the fact that this is basically a Loblaws product...these early cans are marked 'Packed For Sunfresh Foods Limited, Toronto'. The second can is marked 'Loblaw Groceterias Co. Limited, Toronto, Canada ....and the last 'Lablaws Limited, Toronto, Canada'.

I do not know if there is any generations of cans past the oz/ml version that is not the 'No Name' brand in the yellow packaging...which by the way is marked 'This is a No Name Product Prepared for Sunfresh Limited......Sunfresh is a wholesale company or division owned by Lablaws.

Alpine Club- RB.jpg
Alpine RB.jpg

I made this connection last year when I spotted this 30oz bottle on the internet.
Ivan... RB #1078 Collector of soda cans & bottles from Canada. Looking for Canadian soada cans 12oz & 10oz From the 1950s right into the 80s.
Also Canadian Beers ,USA Orange Crush bottles And American Drewrys beer cans.


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