RBB Fantasy Football Leagues wrap ups for the week 4

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RBB Fantasy Football Leagues wrap ups for the week 4


Post by thatsus02 » Tue Oct 06, 2015 7:23 pm

With the Super moon out of the way, and hurricane Jaquine out to sea, week 4 of the Rusty Bunch Fantasy Football League came and went as well.

In the Flat Top League our new VP Keith keeps pace with the best , I mean he is the best at 4-0 he is setting the pace. And on the opposite side of the chart Wrestling Nut slides further back to 0-4.
Well week four means its bye time in the NFL and the not so happy teams head across the pond for the Soccer fans enjoyment. These things have only helped cloud the picture in the Flat Top League.
Keith Beer Cans seem safe for the moment as he powers past Monkeys Quartz #2 107-80. Scott now 2-2 is looking for better results in the weeks to come.
Alex Draper 3-1 got just enough out of his everything is bigger in Texas, including the Cowboys injuries, As Randle posts an early TD to squeak by I Just Want To Polk Ya High 86-85. Tough lose for Beamer now 1-3.
In other action, Team Blackberry moves to 3-1 plowing by the Steamers of Wilbur 81-50. The Steamers were ed by their kickers 13 pts and that just about sums it up for them this week.
The Crappy Monsters for Mid-Mich move to 2-2 as Gregs Brady Ladys took the week off. The 39 pts scored by the Ladies was tied for the season low so far this year moving him back to the field at 2-2.
Finally in the battle of winless squads, where someone just had to win between the Kings and Nuts, they TIED!!!!!!!! No just kidding, Winter came out of hibernation as his Kings beat the Peanuts of of Hans Young and the Wrestlers 94-65. Better luck next week Brad.

In the Cone Top Division this week these teams are taking it serious.
Rhys Beaters keep beating up the competition as he moves to 4-0 downing the GOats 94-85. The GOats have had a case of the always playing the high scoring team each week. I don't make the schedule, I just report the results.
Quatrz #2 i still sucking hind tit as he falls to 0-4 scoring a Slim fast diet plan 43 points in his lose to the Glad I Played Scotts Team Gladiators. Dave Reid Moves to 3-1 in the 92-43 blowout victory.
In an almost impressive blowout, the Saintly Saints got some pep as he gets off to the races scoring 95 in his first win of the season. Mecklenburgs PP was dragging in the dirt this week so to speak as he muster just 59 points.
The Cats scored high points in this league with 97, beating Steamer Ten and handing him his first defeat of the season 97-86.
Steve who has lots of goog cans to send to the winner Coached his I Hate the Cowboys to an almost exciting Monday Night comeback but came up short losing to Yicky Icky by 1, 68-67. Greg keeps hope moving to 3-1 while Steve is packing cans and moves to 1-3.
Some interesting games in this bracket next week as some of the low bottom feeders teams challenge the top dogs. Lets see what happens.
More bye weeks come this week as the teams from across the pond try and get their breath. teams that should be trading should and teams that are trying to position theirselves hope to stay atop the heap. Weather is a changing, get out and hit those dumps while you can, and some of you teams should head to the junk pile and try to strengthen your teams.
Until next week.............

President, Michigan Chapter of the BCCA / NABA

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Re: RBB Fantasy Football Leagues wrap ups for the week 4


Post by Sea Monkey » Wed Oct 07, 2015 9:19 am

Man, do my teams SUCK....... :smt021 :smt012 :smt019
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Re: RBB Fantasy Football Leagues wrap ups for the week 4


Post by Lovegun » Wed Oct 07, 2015 5:08 pm

Yes, I gave my Fair Lady's the day off, and let their wives fill in for them. Bad idea...... :smt021 On the plus side, I thought fer sure the Ickey Shufflers were toast, until I checked Tuesday morning, and discovered I had "one by a point." :shock: My next quest will be to knock off the "Schoenling Kid", and to make a Project out of one of our resident newbies.... ;)
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Re: RBB Fantasy Football Leagues wrap ups for the week 4


Post by Beamer » Sun Oct 11, 2015 7:27 pm

Did not want to play . Still trying. Why do some teams not even fill their roster? Would sure like a team with one OR two down. :smt017 :smt012
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