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Mog Mog-Beer Can Island

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Mog Mog-Beer Can Island

Postby Clarkston1 » Tue 27. May 2008, 21:59

Found a picture from WW2 showing the inventor of Flash Gordon, Alex Raymond (the guy pointing) drinking Schaefer camo beer cans on an island called Mog Mog in the Ulithi atoll.

Below is an interesting link to some ww2 vets talking about drinking on the island. They mention Iron City and Red Fox in camouflage cans. Millions of cans were reportedly drunk and I assume buried on the island.

Here is a couple of excerpts from the site.
"My father was stationed on the USS Pasadena for most of 1944-45. I have been gethering his history and his records show his ship cycling through Ulithi and Mog Mog between strikes throughout the Pacific against Okinowa, Iwo Jima, Formosa and even the Aluetian Islands up by Alaska. He recalls his R&R on Ulithi and Mog Mog as time for baseball and beer - 2 cans of beer but the brand was Red Fox Ale which had a drawing of a fox on the label. Anyone remember anything about a typhoon that hit that area during this time?"

I was a crewmember of USS LSM 346. We made a trip from pearl Harbor to Ulithi in June of 1945. We carried varioys supplies and mail to Ulithi. While there we took advantage of the Mog Mog facilities.I remember the three beers{ Iron City Beer from Pittsburg Pa) It made me very sick at my stomach. It came in a camoflauged Army green colored can. I remember searching the Beach area for small sea shells, called cat eyes to make a necklace. From Ulithi we continued on to the Phillipines. I was unaware of any native people living on the island. James B Delk Ex US NAVY WW2
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Re: Mog Mog-Beer Can Island

Postby canhawk » Sun 4. Mar 2012, 14:19

Here a few more ...
http://www.cse.unr.edu/~arnold/ulithi/p ... /index.htm

Photo below:
"Shore patrol issues the beer ration to crewmen of the U.S.S. West Virginia (BB-48) during an enlisted men's liberty party, at Mogmog, Ulithi, March 1945. (NH 89353)."

Jeff Dankert, Peru, IL
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