Lone Star Handy Keg Gold Can Question ??

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Lone Star Handy Keg Gold Can Question ??


Post by JohnLi67 » Sat Mar 30, 2019 5:57 pm

Here is a question about a Lone Star pull tab can for all of you experts. (especially the Texas guys). Lone Star produced a Gold colored version of the Handy Keg Draft Beer can. It was some sort of a promotional can that was from the 1,000,000th Barrel in 1965. Were these cans released all together or were they inserted in packs as a type of prize? What is the deal on these and what is the opinion on how many of these exist? Any information would be appreciated.

Here is a pic of my gold can next to the "normal" silver Handy Keg.

Thanks, John

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Re: Lone Star Handy Keg Gold Can Question ??


Post by Longhorn Mike » Sun Mar 31, 2019 11:53 am

We have done the math on this before. If it truly came from the 1,000,000th barrel, there is 31 gallons in a US beer Barrel. There is 128 FL oz in a gallon, so that equals 3,968 FL oz. Divided by 12 fl oz, that is only 330 12 ounce cans.

There is no way that was the total number of cans produced in my opinion. I've always heard that a minimum can order was in the number of 10,000 cans. This makes more sense.

Even though it is a tough tab top can to get, especially if it's clean, it seems that most advanced collectors have one, especially here in Texas. I have seen a few available with bank tops, as well. Back when the Lone Star brewery was open, there was a million barrel can sealed in clear plastic on display in the Buckhorn Hall of Horns on-site museum.

Usually one of the big dealers always have one in their totes, and it seems there have been a few available at every Canvention. I guess the going rate is about $300 for one now.

How were they packaged is an interesting question. I wonder why they never made a bottle label. I have never seen special million barrel can packaging. I would guess they were placed in regular six and / or 12 packs and sold until the supply was exhausted. I believe all the cans were gold and that they were not placed in with a group of normal cans. Also, I believe they were sold in Lone Star's main market in the counties in and around San Antonio and Austin. Not so sure about Dallas or Houston, but I don't think they were sold there.

- Mike
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Re: Lone Star Handy Keg Gold Can Question ??


Post by oldmoneytexan » Sun Mar 31, 2019 2:04 pm

This was on eBay a while back and may shed some light on this. I was outbid at the last second.


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