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Welcome to the online home of the Rusty Bunch! Founded in 1984, we are the 108th Chapter of the Brewery Collectibles Club of America (BCCA).

This organization is the legacy of our late friend and founder Warren Hardaker, a devout collector of antique beer cans with a passion for locating them in abandoned dumpsites. Dump-digging for rare old beer cans was, in fact, the very essence of the Rusty Bunch at its conception. It was built around fun, friendships, the thrill of a great discovery, and a decidedly unique approach to the beer can collecting craze of that era!

Hobbyists who shared Warren's love of the hunt were the original constituents of the Rusty Bunch. Our group's name speaks for itself. As the years passed, our roster expanded to include a vast range of beer can and breweriana enthusiasts. Our members have come for the fellowship, the banter, the stories, the humor, the inspiration and encouragement so often found within groups of like minds, and of course the myriad opportunities for networking with fellow hobbyists. But perhaps the most alluring facet of the Bunch is the unmatched depth of knowledge that exists here. We have evolved well past our early years as an eccentric little fringe group, and if ever there existed an historical preservation movement for antique brewery collectibles, the Rusty Bunch would now be its vanguard.

It is testament to the longevity and relevance of Warren's vision that our club continues to thrive into the twenty first century. We are larger and more diverse than ever, with a member base throughout the United States and beyond. The breweriana collecting hobbies are alive and doing fine, and in cooperation with the BCCA, the Bunch is here to keep that torch moving forward for years to come!

Old cans, trays, signs, neons, labels, bottles, foam scrapers, brewery history, dump digging...peeking into the cellars and attics of abandoned structures to reveal the treasures left behind...if you can dream it, we've seen it. And we have members who can tell you more than you ever hoped to know about the full range of brewery keepsakes.

So whether you are a long-time collector or simply the curious type, we invite you to come in and experience the Bunch on your own terms. Check out our pictures. Read through our archives and informational threads. Familiarize yourself with the personalities adorning our discussion forums. Introduce yourself, ask questions, find answers, make some new friends, and above all, get a true sense of the happy madness that is breweriana collecting!

We're honored to have you in the house.

The Rusty Bunch

  • Dumping Ethics
The group obviously condemns any trespassing in an effort to dump cans and all will be made aware of the original dumping ethics present by the current president back in 2013:

    Respect the rights and properties of others.
    Observe all laws, national, state, and local.
    Leave land and vegetation as it was, and fill in all your holes.
    Remove trash and litter.
    Conduct yourself with courtesy and consideration for others – including respecting the collectors who have introduced you to specific dumps.
    Just have fun.

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When did you FIRST start collecting beer cans or breweriana?

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